Spice Up Your Room With This LED Lightbulb

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Want something new and different to spice up your room? Add some ambiance to your home or yard with this creative LED Flame Flicker Lightbulb that looks almost like magic. Emitting a 1300K True Fire Color temperature, this simple bulb puts a new spin on typical lighting by appearing as a fully lit torch. It can orient itself either upward or downward, and light may be deemed or intensified accordingly. It even features a flickering mode like a flaming fire, or you can go with the general, stable lighting mode.

For added convenience, it plugs in just like an ordinary light bulb. Get the LED Flame Flicker Lightbulb for just $15 at The Daily Caller Shop. In other words, 37 percent off the regular price of $24.

Normally $24, this flickering light is 37 percent off

Normally $24, this flickering light is 37 percent off

LED Flame Flicker Lightbulb on sale for $14.99

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