Dixie Chicks Lead Singer Slams Trump As ‘Mentally Ill And Elderly’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Lead singer of Dixie Chicks Natalie Maines continued her assault on President Donald Trump Saturday when she called him “mentally ill and elderly.”

“Listen, I think it’s unbelievable how people are badmouthing the President! It’s unacceptable! This is our President! How dare you make fun of the mentally ill and elderly,” the 43-year-old country singer captioned a picture of Trump on Instagram holding hands with world leaders. (RELATED: Dixie Chicks Singer Calls Country Radio ‘Hypocrites’ For Trump Support)

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“Not to mention, he’s the President of our United States Of America! Unbelievable,” she added. “Don’t you know we live in a democracy?! You can’t do that sort of thing. What are you thinking?!”

It was only her latest slam on the president. She has called for him to be impeached along with other celebrities, accused him of “bringing out the worst in her” and said she’s “ashamed everyday” that Trump was president-elect.

Back in 2003, her band was ostracized from country radio after the group said it was against the Iraq War and that they were “ashamed” then-President George W. Bush was from Texas.