Man Refuses To Stop Golfing During False Hawaii Missile Alert — Becomes A National Hero

Golf course (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Lots of people reacted to the false missile attack on Hawaii in different ways, but one man refused to stop playing golf like a champion.

Twitter user Aloji Gardner posted a video, which has gone viral, of her dad on the course after the false alarm went out that missiles were heading towards Hawaii.

He wanted people to know that he just parred the last hole and was going to go out playing golf.

It’s truly one of the coolest videos you’re ever going to see.

I honestly have no idea how I’d react if I thought nuclear missiles were inbound. I’d probably set off a chain of events to make sure weapons, supplies and people were quickly moved to secure locations. Of course, none of that is really going to matter if my location takes a direct hit, but it could be the difference between life and death if fallout becomes a concern.

However, if I go out playing golf then I’m more than okay with that too. I think this guy is absolutely awesome.

People are running around panicking, he fires up his camera, shoots a quick video and keeps playing the course. You have to admire that kind of attitude. That’s the attitude of champions.

Our favorite chubby little dictator in North Korea will never be able to defeat that kind of spirit. That guy couldn’t have cared less about Kim Jong Un and his missiles. Just giving him a massive middle finger by playing golf when he thought World War III had just started. I love everything about it.

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