Rep. Lewis Thinks Dr. King Would Have Taken His Position Over That Of His Own Daughter

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis said Monday on ABC’s “The View” that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have sided with him over King’s daughter on the question of whether to meet with President Donald Trump to discuss civil rights issues.


“Dr. King’s daughter, though, Bernice, thinks her father would have met with Trump if he were alive. Do you agree with that?” asked host Sunny Hostin.

“Well, I knew her father very, very well. I met him when I was 18, I first heard of him when I was 15, and meeting him, working with him, and getting to know him, I think he would have took the same position that I took.”

“Really, he would not have met with him?” asked Hostin.

“Do you agree with me? I said that Trump wouldn’t have won if Dr. King were alive. Do you think that’s true?” asked host Joy Behar.

“No, I agree with you,” said Rep. Lewis.

“You agree?” responded Behar.

“If Martin Luther King had been alive, no. Dr. King would have been able to lead us to a different place, and our country would be different, and the world community would be different,” responded Rep. Lewis.

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