CNN Host Apologizes On-Air For Forgetting Raj Shah’s Name [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN host Chris Cuomo fumbled all over himself Monday night to prove that he was not racist after he forgot the name of White House aide Raj Shah.


On Monday morning, Cuomo forgot Shah’s last name, and flippantly referred to him as “Raj Whatever-His-Name-Is” during a discussion on whether or not Trump’s “shithole countries” comment was racist.

Cuomo later apologized on Twitter, and brought up the error again on his evening show “Cuomo Primetime,” insisting that he is not racist.

“When we talked to the White House, Raj Shah — what was his statement? No pushback on that language,” Cuomo asserted. “Why do I say his name slowly like that? Because another part of the distraction here is I forgot Raj’s last name this morning.”

“I apologize for that, and then there wound up being a counter-narrative, ‘well that makes you racist.'” Cuomo said breathlessly. “It’s not helpful!”

One of Cuomo’s guests asserted that he never called the host racist.

“I know you’re not saying it but it’s being said,” Cuomo ranted.  “So instead of having this conversation that you want to have… all valid arguments to have.”

“Then you got Senator Cotton and Senator Purdue – -who, by mistake, I called Will this morning — I wonder if that makes me anti-white,” he concluded.

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