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Could Brexit Help The Vaping Industry?

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Joe Sylvester Contributor
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The United Kingdom’s vaping industry is hoping that the people’s vote to leave the European Union will allow for excessive regulations placed on them by Brussels to be lifted.

Currently, vaping companies who do business and plan to market in EU member nations must submit safety information to Brussels before they are allowed to market their product. Regulations also limit the level of nicotine that can be sold in e-liquid.

Currently, pods and tanks for mods can only have a 2ml capacity limiting options available to consumers.

Perhaps the most egregious of the regulations is a complete ban on advertising by the vaping industry in publications, including radio and television. If a consumer is looking to kick their smoking habit, it is hard for businesses to get information to consumers that could greatly benefit from vaping.

The thinking in the vaping industry is that the British parliament and regulators will adopt more of a fact-based decision-making process with the regulations on vaporizers and products, abandoning the ideological approach that is seen in regulations formulated and promulgated from Brussels. After all, in September the UK broke with the EU to endorse vaping as a smoking cessation method.

Moving the regulatory process from Brussels to London, where decisions can be made by the British people, for the British people is good in and of itself. But it is also a win for science, when power can be transferred from a scaremongering regime to a rational one.

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