‘It’s Just Unbelievable’: Jeff Sessions Lays Down The Law With Tucker [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on air Tuesday night to discuss immigration and its connections to crime and terror.


Sessions said, “Any time a proposal like a wall or to fix this idea that you can claim you are afraid to go home and you get to stay in the United States, or you have problems where we provide subsidies to people who come illegally. The more you subsidize it, the more you get of something. These kind of failed policies are just never going to work, and the American people don’t believe in it. And we’ve been trying to reform it and every time you come up with a reform that works, gets blocked. And so President Trump has said we need–we have immigration, we want immigration, but we want to vet these people.” (RELATED: ‘Why Don’t We Get Real?’: Tucker Takes On Illegal Immigrant Lawyer [VIDEO])

“We want to know who they are and make sure they’re going to be productive people, people who will flourish in America, who are going to not be terrorists, not be criminals, and that’s exactly correct for America. It’s just unbelievable to me that we have the resistance we are having today to the reforms that are on the verge–we are close to having reforms that will actually work today,” the attorney general added. (RELATED: After DACA Comments, Tucker Asks Trump: ‘What Was The Point Of Running For President?’ [VIDEO])


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