MSNBC’s Mika Wants ‘Small Crowd’ For Trump’s State Of The Union

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski said that those who disagree with President Donald Trump should “give him a small crowd” at the upcoming State of the Union address.


“John Kelly also, who is really guiding this president, thought this would be bad for his base, which I think does not bode well going forward for some kind of a deal given that John Kelly was thought to be potentially a moderating force in this White House,” said Heidi Pryzbyla in regard to a potential DACA deal between Congress and the president.

“And then secondly, talking about Martin Luther Day, Martin Luther King Day and the president fighting back charges of racism, there’s new reporting in here also, that it didn’t just focus on his feelings about African nations and Haiti, but that he was also dismissing the Congressional Black Caucu. In this reporting, it said that he didn’t care what the Congressional Black Caucus thinks and that he was kind of dismissing them,” continued Pryzbyla.

“I really feel that Democrats and any Republicans with a spine who actually believe that this president is lying and perhaps acting in a way that is bad for this country should not show up for the State of the Union, and some are speaking about that. Give him a small crowd,” retorted Brezinski.

The State of the Union has occurred since the first presidency. Article II of the Constitution includes that the president should give Congress his recommendations in how to move forward while updating them on the state of the country.

Rep. Maxine Waters, who has been calling for President Trump’s impeachment for months and has used an awards speech for Glamour Magazine and even the eulogy of her own friend as platforms to convey her desire to see the president impeached, stated that she will not be attending the State of the Union Address, which is due to happen Jan. 30.

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