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Vaping Tide Pods, Should You Do It?

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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By now most of us have heard about all those teens eating Tide Pods as part of a “challenge” right? I mean they look like bright colored fruity candy right? They must taste very good… Well, this challenge does not end well. Turns out eating chemical-filled laundry detergent pods will result in a trip to the emergency room.

These teens are not alone though, in fact, thousands of people every year are poisoned from eating these pods.

Okay, so you shouldn’t eat Tide Pods. But should you vape them? I hope this doesn’t turn into the next challenge…

On Instagram @Vapetricks posted a vape trick video of a trickster actually taking one puff off of a Tide Pod liquid.

He poked a hole in the Pod and dripped it into a vape mod, then pressed the fire button and appears to actually inhale the stuff. Maybe he just took it into his mouth, but that is besides the point. He immediately coughed it up. I am sure that it tasted nasty! It might have even burned his throat, nose, and who knows what else. Not too smart.

To the kids… Just because Tide Pods look nice and have bright colors doesn’t mean they will taste good in your mouth – that goes for whether you eat it or try to vape it. Those detergent chemicals are meant to go in your washing machine, not your digestive or respiratory system. In fact, I would not be surprised if vaping this stuff has quicker negative side effects than eating them. Vaping Tide Pods is NOT a good idea. I am fairly positive the guy in this video will tell you it was NOT pleasant at all.

There are TOO MANY desirable flavors of e-liquid out there to choose from and vape. Flavors that taste good and do NO HARM to you are easily available. There is no need for a vaper to attempt something like this, even in a trick video. It is not a trick. Just a dumb thing to do really, in my opinion.