Dave Brat: CNN Melted Down When Trump Won [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican congressman Dave Brat brutally reminded two CNN anchors this morning that their network had a meltdown when Trump won the presidency.


CNN’s John Berman and Poppy Harlow interviewed Brat about ongoing negotiations over immigration and DACA, and Brat hit them with some words they didn’t want to hear.

“There’s been a huge compromise already,” Brat said of negotiations with Democrats. “President Trump won–when he won, CNN was in meltdown crying mode the night of, right? They thought it was going to be devastating on this issue.”

Berman and Harlow’s faces hardened when Brat slammed their network, and it was clear they were desperately trying not to cut him off.

“We’re compromising!” Brat reiterated. “This is a huge compromise–usually when you compromise you get something in exchange. What we want is with the Goodlatte bill 20 years of rational policy.”

Brat then reminded the anchors that Democrats were on record just five years ago being further right on immigration than the Goodlatte bill and that Democrats have to be expected to come to the middle with Republicans in order to reach a deal.

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