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NYT’s Charles Blow’s Vain Bathroom Videos Are Everything [VIDEO]

TV screenshot.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Does New York Times liberal columnist Charles Blow have freckles?

Um, yes, if you zoom in on the bridge of his nose with a magnifying glass or catch him without his TV pancake makeup, you might be able to see them.  “I have freckles everywhere,” he says, adding that he has such great skin that he really doesn’t need makeup. (Everywhere? Seriously, Blow. TMI.)

Does Blow videotape himself in his bathroom?

Check. He does that, too. He reasons his shitter is the brightest room in his home with the most appealing, clean background.

He has been making these videos for a week now.

The Mirror can hardly wait for more of of these videos to blow through his Instagram feed.

One thing is for certain: Blow blows.

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