‘Loathsome Little Demagogue’: Tucker Rips Apart Sanctuary City Supporter [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took on Democratic Chicago alderman George Cardenas Wednesday over sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.


The Daily Caller co-founder asked Cardenas, “Do you think, here’s the question, now let’s see if you can answer it, do you think that you have an obligation to represent American citizens first, above people who are here illegally?”

Cardenas answered, “I represent my citizens very well, thank you, Tucker, every one that comes through that door…”

Carlson burst into laughter and said, “Okay, so you weren’t willing to answer that question.”

Cardenas shot back, “You want me somehow to equate that with–you want me somehow to guess, you want me to just guess, what, cause they have to be blue eyed and blonde, to be able to say, ‘okay you’re American?'” (RELATED: After DACA Comments, Tucker Asks Trump: ‘What Was The Point Of Running For President?’ [VIDEO])

Carlson said, “It’s ridiculous that you would even say something like that,” as the two went back and forth.

Tucker then dropped a bomb on Cardenas.

“You know what,” Carlson said, “what a loathsome little demagogue you are to say something like that.”

“What a loathsome little demagogue you are, Mr. Cardenas,” he repeated. (RELATED: ‘Why Don’t We Get Real?’: Tucker Takes On Illegal Immigrant Lawyer [VIDEO])



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