CNN Parts Ways With Another Pro-Trump Contributor

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A new report says pro-Trump commentator Ed Martin is no longer with CNN.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Martin recently got the axe from CNN, where he had been employed as an on-air contributor since September. Left-wing media site Media Matters reports that Martin hasn’t been on CNN since he called fellow network commentators “black racists” and “rabid feminists” on his radio show last month. (RELATED: CNN Wins Big Time In Trump’s Fake News Awards)

Martin reportedly said, “What happens when you’re trying to drain the swamp, is the swamp fights back. And so when I was in Washington, D.C., last night, and you might have seen it if you saw it, it was a hot night, a hot topic. It was a wild panel, we had two or three people on there that were just rabid feminists, actually racial–racists, two of the women were racists, they were just racists, black racists. Everything that you say is going to be called racist. I mean, it was outrageous, but anyway…”

This is the second time CNN has parted ways with an on-air pro-Trump commentator after controversial remarks were made.

Jeffrey Lord, a staunch supporter of Trump, was let go in August 2017 after he mockingly tweeted “Sieg Heil” to poke fun at Media Matters for going after Sean Hannity’s advertisers. (RELATED: CNN’s Symone Sanders: White People Aren’t Allowed To Criticize NFL Kneeling [VIDEO])

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Jeffrey Lord (CNN)

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