Bernie Sanders Claims He Doesn’t ‘Recall’ Flip-Flopping On Government Shutdown [VIDEO]

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders claimed Friday that he couldn’t recall criticizing House Republicans in 2013 for doing the exact thing Senate Democrats are doing now.

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney slammed Senate Democrats on Friday by quoting Sanders from 2013, when the senator blamed the government shutdown on House Republicans who demanded a vote on Obamacare.

At the time, Sanders claimed Republicans were telling Americans: “Well maybe we lost the presidential election, maybe we lost seats in the Senate and lost seats in the House. It doesn’t matter. We can now bring the government to a shutdown, throw some 800,000 hard-working Americans out on the street, and we are going to get our way no matter what.” Mulvaney noted that sounds much like Democrats’ current argument.

“This is what they accused Republicans of doing in 2013, there is no reason to have to insert a DACA discussion and immigration discussion into the funding bill today,” Mulvaney said.

When asked to respond to Mulvaney’s claim on MSNBC, Sanders came up with a blank. “That doesn’t sound like — I don’t recall saying anything like that,” Sanders said.


Now that Senate Democrats are ready to shut down the government to force a vote on amnesty for illegal immigrants who arrived as children, Sanders’ position has changed, as has his memory.