CNN’s Jaw Is On The Floor After Asking Democrats In Ohio What They Think Of Trump

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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CNN conducted a roundtable interview with Democrats from Ohio, all of whom crossed party lines to vote for Donald Trump in 2016. The questions from the CNN reporter focused on the voters’ opinions of President Trump’s first year in office. The responses from the diverse range of voters left the interviewer’s jaw on the floor.

By and large, the Democrats praised Trump, particularly for his record on the economy and immigration. Here are some soundbites from the Democrats on Trump:

“It got to a point where I did not like where my country was going.”

“He is doing wonderful, he’s staying on task.”



“Better than I ever would have dreamt.”

“He’s doing wonderful, he’s staying on task.”

“I know what he’s done. I love the guy. I love the job he’s doing.”

“Industries are booming.”

“He’s tennacious and says stuff off the cuff, like we do.”

“I want my country back.”

The panel also blamed the media for attacking Trump and nobody on the panel thought the president was racist.

A minority student on the panel said she met Trump and he was “Just the nicest person,” continuing, “if he was a racist as everyone paints him out to be, he could have just walked right past me and not even said a word.”


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