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Turn Your Favorite Bottle Of Wine Into Your Glass With Guzzle Buddy™

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Guzzle Buddy™ is the perfect gift for family and friends that love to demonstrate their sophisticated and fun side when drinking. This innovative and unique product helps winos, beer enthusiasts, soda fanatics, hard cider heroes, and champagne champions alike turn their bottles into glasses. Meaning, rather than chugging right from the bottle, they can now drink elegantly straight from the source! Guzzle Buddy™ screws directly into a bottle, allowing for friends and family to sip their favorite drink with unequivocal class. Plus, its silicone sleeve provides a tight seal, which prevents even the messiest of drinkers from spilling. Last but not least, this glass can be kept in the freezer to enjoy frosty beverages on warm days. Best of all, it’s 33 percent off at The Daily Caller Shop.

Normally $30, the Guzzle Buddy is 33 percent off

Normally $30, the Guzzle Buddy is 33 percent off

Guzzle Buddy™ on sale for $19.99

This is a great way to drink wine from the Daily Caller Wine Club, such as Les Deplorables wine.

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