Mattis Was Late For A Speech, His Solution Will Make All Service Members Cheer

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Secretary of Defense James Mattis has a reputation of being a military man’s military man.  During his service, Mattis was known for his strict adherence to the rules and chain of command. His devotion to the military code of conduct and way of life has served him well in earning the respect of the men serving under him.

Mattis continues to show his devotion to his creed, visiting the troops often, speaking bluntly and even doing his own laundry at the Pentagon.

On Friday, Mattis was scheduled to speak to the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

According to his press secretary, Mattis was caught in unforeseen travel difficulties on the way to a speech, which promised to make him late.

When it became clear that Mattis would not be making it on time for a speech he was to deliver, the secretary took matters into his own hands.  

Mattis got out of the vehicle, and ordered his staff to do the same. Mattis walked the rest of the way on the sidewalk to the speech.

Twitter/Department of Defense

Twitter/Department of Defense

His press secretary tweeted a photo of Mattis strolling on his way to the event with the caption:

Mattis refuses to be late, so he walked the last 15 minutes of his trip to Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies: where he delivered remarks on the :


Be more like Mattis.