Christopher Nolan Eyes A New Actor For Next 007

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Daniel Craig may be the current James Bond but “Spectre” film editor Lee Smith could have some insider information on who’ll play the next 007.

When speaking with UK newspaper the Daily Star, Smith told reporters he has his eye on a newcomer and the new favorite may come as a surprise to most.

It’s not Christian Bale, Idris Elba, or any other Brit with a resume full of adventure films.

It’s Harry Styles. The same guy who sings “That’s What Makes You Beautiful,” and gets his fashion inspiration from Shania Twain.

“Harry could do it,” Smith told the Daily Star. “If they wanted a younger Bond then why not? He has got it…Of course my daughter explained to me that you don’t get any more famous than Harry Styles. But he was really good and a genuinely charismatic fellow.”

Smith is tight with Christopher Nolan, who’s slotted to be the next Bond director. They’ve worked together on a number of films in the past including the recent Batman trilogy and Inception. So it’s pretty likely that Smith is privy to some insider information.

Harry Styles has worked with Christopher Nolan in the past. This fall, he tried acting with a cameo role in Nolan’s blockbuster “Dunkirk.” Since his appearance, Styles has reportedly received dozens of movie opportunity inquiries.

But not everybody is pumped about the prospect of a former boy band singer taking over as Bond. Idris Elba — who’s been rumored as a possible Bond himself — wants to see a different gender represented on the big screen.

“I would be interested in having a Bond character other than being a male,” he said. “It could be a woman, it could be a black woman, it could be a white woman. But I think that character, everyone would like to see [them] do something different with it, you know. Why not?”

Seems well thought out and merit-based to me.

If Harry Style were to be selected as the next Bond, it wouldn’t happen for a while. Daniel Craig still has another movie left in his contract, which marks the 25th installment in the series. The next movie won’t follow until 2022 when Harry is 28 years old. It would still make him the youngest Bond in history.

Here are some of his best scenes in Dunkirk.

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