Megyn Kelly Fires Back At Jane Fonda Over Plastic Surgery-ghazi [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Actress Jane Fonda won’t stop bashing NBC’s Megyn Kelly for asking about her plastic surgery, and Kelly is finally responding to the criticism.


Kelly explained on her show Monday morning that Fonda has addressed her plastic surgery many times in the past, so the NBC host had no way of knowing that the topic was suddenly off limits. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly’s Today Show Plagued By Awkward Moments And Offensive Remarks) 

“It’s time to address the ‘poor me’ routine,” Kelly said. “For some context, Fonda was on the show to promote a film about aging… if Fonda really wants to have an honest discussion about older women’s cultural face, then her plastic surgery is tough to ignore.”

“To her credit, she has discussed her cosmetic surgery pretty much everywhere before coming on our show,” Kelly continued. “Apparently when she came here, however…I was supposed to discern that this subject was suddenly off-limits.”

Kelly also brought up Fonda’s controversial behavior during the Vietnam War, where she posed with an anti-American aircraft gun, earning her the nickname “Hanoi Jane.”

“I have no regrets about that question, nor am I in the market for a lesson from Jane Fonda on what is and is not appropriate,” she said. “Look at her treatment of our military during the Vietnam War.”

“So the moral indignation is a little much,” Kelly concluded.

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