MSNBC Producer: ‘So Many Of Us’ Are ‘Proud’ Of Dick Durbin

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

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A producer for MSNBC admitted that “so many” at the left-leaning network are proud of Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, in a message that was intended for Durbin but was sent to the wrong email address.

“This is a long shot request,” the producer wrote Friday evening in an email meant for Durbin’s office. “How proud so many of us are of Senator Durbin’s courage and integrity. Any chance he would come on our show tomorrow in the 2 pm or 3pm hour? Anchor is David Gura…”

The email was sent to the wrong congressional address and was later obtained by the Washington Examiner, which published its contents on Monday.

The producer’s praise for Durbin’s “courage and integrity” appears to reference the Democratic senator’s role in leading a failed government shutdown to try to pressure Republicans to give amnesty to illegal immigrants brought to America as children. (RELATED: Trump Campaign Slams Democrats As ‘Complicit’ In Murders By Illegal Immigrants In Explosive New Ad)

Durbin appeared to take the invite and appeared on MSNBC the next day. He was allowed to talk at length without facing any tough questions, as the Examiner noted.