Thiel Capital Exec Explains How Media Uses Adjectives To Show Who’s ‘Off-Narrative’

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An executive from Peter Thiel’s financial consulting firm explained Sunday how the media uses adjectives to show who is “off-narrative.”

Eric Weinstein, Thiel Capital’s managing director, laid out his thesis on Twitter, using the media’s portrayal of University of Toronto professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson as an example of what he termed the “adjective-profession-name” formula.

Adjectives like “embattled,” “controversial,” and “right-wing” “are really reserved terms and the ‘tells’ of mainstream media letting you know who is off-narrative and who they have marked for reputation neutralization through FUD (Fear-Uncertainty and Doubt) campaigns,” said Weinstein.

The financial executive addressed Peterson and the term “controversial professor” with which media outlets have branded him, saying “real humans don’t talk like this.”

“So who are the targets? Men and women who are off the charts on the Big-5 psychometric for disagreeability,” Weinstein said.
“These people are the pool from which our greatest Nobel Laureates & even heroes were once drawn.”

“Ever since Lindbergh’s attempt to keep the US out of WWII, our institutions have fought against us having ANY living heroes with self-minted credibility,” Weinstein added. “This leaves a vacuum filled by acceptable institutional figures.”

The Thiel managing director predicted that the mainstream media will fail to shut out “disagreeable” voices and eventually give them a seat at the table.

Outlets like The Guardian and The Independent labeled Peterson “controversial” after his viral interview with Channel 4 presenter Cathy Newman.

Weinstein’s brother, Bret, sat at the epicenter of the May riots at The Evergreen State College after he refused to participate in the school’s Day of Absence in which whites segregated themselves from blacks. (RELATED: Evergreen State Police Chief Resigns: ‘We Should Have Rifles’)

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