Watch As The First Female Marine To Retire From The Corps Is Laid To Rest

(Photo credit: screenshot/Twitter USMC)

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The first female Marine to retire from the Marine Corps was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery on Tuesday marking an historic moment for the armed services.

Master Sgt. Catherine G. Murray enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1943 to join the World War II effort and was one of only 50 women retained on active duty after the war was won. She then went on to dedicate 20 years of her life to serving her country.

During her military career, Murray was stationed at 15 different duty stations around the United States and abroad. Throughout her service, she remained dedicated to the advancement of women’s rights and equality. Murray was responsible for writing many of the manuals and directives that would be used to train future generations of female Marines, The Washington Post reports.

Master Sgt. Murray passed away peacefully in her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on December 20. She was 100 years old and remained a proud supporter of the Marines until the day she died.

She was buried in Arlington National Cemetery on January 23 in the company of about 50 people, many of which were also Marines.