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Missouri By Law Categorically Separates Vaping Products From Tobacco Products, Will More States Follow Suit?

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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In Grimm Green’s weekly Vlog he learns that Missouri has a law that separates Vaping from Tobacco products. He finds it a step in the right direction and waits for the day where all 50 states have similar laws.

It is exciting news, even though it may have been a set law a few years ago. After researching this specific law, I found it was supposedly written in 2014. Regardless of this, some of the law’s wording is as follows:

Missouri law separates the regulation of vaping products from tobacco products. Vaping and electronic devices are categorically different than traditional tobacco cigarettes, cigars, etc… This is according Missouri law Section 407.925 through 407.34 in which they define as such.

Missouri Smoke Free celebrates this law, by stating, “Missouri state law is clear: vapor products, tobacco, and nicotine alternatives are categorically different and must be regulated separately. As each of these subjects produce entirely different health effects to both the consumer and those around them, this concept is common sense regulation. For statutory reasons, vapor products must not be included in any political subdivision’s code of ordinances pertaining to “smoke free air” laws.  Instead the state leaves the matter to business owners and localities to decide if they allow or disallow vapor products to be employed.” The kicker to this law is that when a resident vaper sees a “smoke free” zone, it doesn’t apply to them, and they could vape on. It is only when there is an actual “no vaping” sign that they would have to abide by.

According to this Missouri law, tobacco products are defined as containing actual tobacco leaf, like cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, snuff and chewing tobacco. Vaping products are defined as a noncombustible product containing nicotine that has a heating element and produces vapor.

This is the way it should be! My question is when will other states follow suit as clearly written as Missouri? It has been a few years now, since Missouri passed these laws. Vaping is not smoking. Vaping does not produce smoke. Vaping does not contain any tobacco leafs inside the devices. I find it astonishing that vaping products are still in the same category as tobacco products in many other states whom passed opposite laws.

Grimm Green’s vlog is below. He talks about news and the Missouri law at around the 22:00 mark.