Gisele Was ‘Dead Serious’ About Wanting Tom Brady To Retire

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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If Gisele had her way, Tom Brady would not be headed back to another Super Bowl next week.

After Brady secured his claim as the greatest quarterback of all time after winning his fifth Super Bowl last year, he revealed his wife has repeatedly tried to get him to retire, but just couldn’t convince him to. Now one of Brady’s old teammates has revealed that Gisele even tried to get him to convince her husband to retire to no avail. (RELATED: Gisele Can’t Even Get Brady To Hang It Up)

Some sports fans thought Gisele was joking about begging her husband to retire last year, but Jay Feely, who played football with Brady at Michigan, recently told Sports Illustrated she “was dead serious.” The former Victoria’s Secret Angel even asked Feely to help her convince him to give up the game, but it backfired and Feely told his old teammate to “play as long as you can.”

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

“I think we go back and forth,” Brady said of his wife wanting him to retire last year. “She’ll always say to me, ‘Well, ten years ago, you told me it was only going to be ten years. And now it’s ten years, and now you’re saying another, you know, five years.’”

However, it seems that Gisele has finally accepted that she is not the love of Tom Brady’s life — football is. (RELATED: Gisele Gives Wonder Woman A Run For Her Money In This Photo)

A few weeks ago, a trailer for the six-part documentary series called “Tom vs. Time” dropped, which Gisele shared on Instagram along with her admission that everyone has known for years.

“My hubby being honest about who his first love really is, FOOTBALL!,” she wrote in the post.

We’ll just have to wait and see how she feels in a few weeks when Brady makes it through Super Bowl LII.