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HCigar’s Warwolf Vape Mod: HCigar’s Brand New Creation

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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HCigar’s Warwolf vape mod is HCigar’s newest vaping product to hit the market. The Warwolf has a maximum wattage potential of 80 watts that is powered by one 18650 battery. Some features include:  An HD user interface, huge fire button, multiple protections and a latch & lock battery cover. It’s surface is created to be “anti wear and tear,” and it is advertised to be very durable for this reason. It comes in black, red, silver and gold.

The video I included below is a review of the Warwolf mod. The reviewer breaks down its functions and gives an overall personal opinion of it. He observes the very compact and small size of the Warwolf. It is very portable and easy to carry. He says, “I love the way this feels in my hand.” The menu screen is very easy to operate; there isn’t an overload of options like some devices. Tanks of 25mm in diameter sit perfectly flush atop the Warwolf. The ramp up time when pressing the fire button is pretty quick, and the fact that it has normal, soft and powerful modes are a plus. The reviewer in this case feels that it is your average vape mod; nothing too special aside from its compact size and durable surface. But if you are in the market for a compact, single battery mod, the HCigar Warwolf is definitely worth a serious look.

HCigar’s Warwolf is one sale for $54.90