Hulk Costume Gets Banned By Canadian Lacrosse Team – Is There No Justice Anymore?

REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Jena Greene Reporter
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Just when I thought Canada couldn’t restrict its citizens any more, it went and proved me wrong.

Because the Calgary Roughnecks lacrosse team just officially banned one of their opponent’s fans from wearing an Incredible Hulk costume to their games. The fan’s name is Kelvin Ooms, and he wears a Hulk getup to pretty much every single Saskatchewan Rush match.

Here is a photo of him minding his own business and not disturbing anyone at a local game.

This is a travesty, really. Nobody was bothered by this routine until he went to an away game against the Roughnecks and everybody got all offended.

Roughnecks owner Mike Moore offered a very flimsy defense for the new rule.

“He doesn’t know the building. What if he does fall down or if he steps on somebody?” He said. “Fans get intense and home fans get protective and when you’ve got mascots from visiting teams.”

This sounds like a classic sore loser response to a superfan from an opposing team. It reminds me of something but I can’t quite place it. Oh wait, Eagles fans. Sunday night.

Vikings fans got all mad and upset after their crushing defeat against the Eagles this weekend and complained on social media that their feelings were hurt. When in fact, Philly was just having some lighthearted fun at their expense.

I can’t imagine that this is any different from the situation in Canada. Some teams (like the Eagles and the Saskatchewan Rush) can’t help it that their fanbase is louder, prouder and overall better. In fact, I’m willing to venture a guess that this Hulk fan wouldn’t give a damn if he “fell down” or “stepped on somebody.” It’s all a part of the game.

So until Canada learns that competition is actually good thing and team rivalries can produce phenomenal results, it will continue to get beat by the U.S. in virtually everything it does. What’s next? Jerseys? Helmets? Alcohol at sporting events?

I’ll let you in on a little secret here, Canada. Nobody was ever happier with more rules. Start to play like champions, then get back to me.

And to Kevin Ooms, I’ve got a little idea for you, my friend. Venture a few miles south to a little town called Minneapolis this Feb. 4 in your Hulk costume and an Eagles jersey. I’m sure you’ll be well received. Welcome to the land of the brave, buddy.

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