LaVar Ball’s Coaching Debut Went Great – LiAngelo And LaMelo Combine For 80

(Photo credit should read PETRAS MALUKAS/AFP/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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LaVar Ball served as an assistant coach for his son’s Lithuanian team, Vytautas, and it resulted in his sons LaMelo and LiAngelo both having a huge night.

LaMelo went off for 43 points and LiAngelo added another 37 in a 147-142 win over Alytaus Dzūkija Tuesday night.

One announcer also wanted people to know that the two brothers “sucked” at defense.

Is it just me, or does this whole thing seem to be working out incredibly well for LaVar and his sons? They’re getting tons of media coverage, and they’re absolutely dominating in Lithuania. This situation couldn’t be coming together any better for the two brothers right now.

Lots of people were hoping these two boys would fail because of who their father is. That’s a ridiculous mindset, and I’m glad both brothers are lighting it up.

Should make this a lot more fun at the end of the year when they have the opportunity to sign with a bigger European club next season. I don’t have any doubts at all that LaMelo will make the NBA if he stays healthy, and LiAngelo can have a decade long career in some good leagues in Europe. There’s certainly money to be made for the two youngest Ball brothers.

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