Trump Allies Consider Suing The DOJ Over Mueller Investigation

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Witnesses subpoenaed by Congress to answer questions about alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign now say they want to explore legal options against certain persons involved in the investigation.

Several Republicans in Congress are claiming text messages between FBI agents appear to reveal a conspiracy of players within the Justice Department who wanted to protect Hillary Clinton and find ways to go after Donald Trump and his incoming team. (RELATED: Senator Confirms Existence Of FBI ‘Secret Society,’ Says He Has Informant)

Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign aide, told The Daily Caller Wednesday a group of individuals, including himself, who were swept up in the Russia investigation and hit financially with steep legal bills and lost job opportunities are considering filing lawsuit against the federal government.

“It appears as if the FBI and Department of Justice were weaponized against the president and his associates, including me. I was informed I was unmasked and surveilled. As it turns out, colluding with Russia would have been redundant: we have become Russia, complete with our own KGB,” Caputo told TheDC.

He continued, “This investigation has destroyed many lives and drained many bank accounts. If the FBI or the DOJ indeed broke the law, a group of us plan to sue to recover the damage to our families and businesses.”

Caputo was forced to liquidate his children’s college fund to pay for legal representation when he was first called upon by Congress to testify.

“My daughter, who is 15 now, the colleges available to her financially have diminished significantly. Now she’s going to be going to community college or a state college. She’s a brilliant young lady, and it’s just not fair, just because Hillary Clinton failed in her quest to become president of the United States.”

J.D. Gordon, a former Trump campaign national security adviser, confirmed with TheDC that he and others like him and Caputo are indeed exploring their legal options.

“The Trump-Russia scandal is not just the hoax of the century… it’s also the crime of the century. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed a high-tech coup in action against President Trump accompanied by a widespread defamation campaign against dozens of Trump Associates. There will be a reckoning,” Gordon told TheDC in a statement.

Other former Trump associates have already filed lawsuits.

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who was indicted on money laundering and other charges unrelated to the probe,  launched a lawsuit against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, claiming that the Justice Department’s appointment of him was a violation of the law.

Carter Page, a former Trump campaign volunteer, filed a lawsuit against Yahoo News and HuffPost back in September charging that the two media outlets libeled him by claiming he met two individuals from the Kremlin in July 2016 and attempted to discuss U.S. sanctions with them.

Similarly, Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, filed defamation lawsuits in early January against Trump dossier creator Fusion GPS and Buzzfeed, the media outlet that published the dossier.

“The establishment cannot withstand another billionaire in ten years saying, ‘I have to do something to fix my country’. They cannot bear that. They want the narrative to be, ‘Are you crazy? Did you see what they did to Trump?’ That’s what they’re doing here. That’s what they’ve doing all along, and that’s what they’re doing right now and that’s what they’re doing to me and to my children and to my family,” Caputo told TheDC.

He later added, “What these guys have stolen from me is lost forever and I intend to punish them for every breath they took for saying my name.”

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