Sarah Sanders Goes Medieval On Sanctuary City Mayors — Reporters Pick Their Jaws Off The Ground

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Sarah Sanders took a variety of questions from reporters at Wednesday’s White House press briefing, but one of the first was about the White Houses’s relationship with sanctuary cities.

There are currently hundreds of sanctuary counties, cities and states across America. 

The Trump administration has taken a hard line against such practices and has threatened to crack down on the sanctuary cities with federal funding cuts. Sanders was asked today about the subpoenas the administration recently sent to the mayors of multiple sanctuary cities:

“The justice department is threatening 23 so-called sanctuary cities, including New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles with subpoenas, if they fail to provide documents to show whether local law enforcement officials are sharing information with federal immigration authorities. What’s the White House’s view on this?”

Sanders reiterated that the White House did “not support” sanctuary cities and instead supports “enforcing and following the law,” noting that the Department of Justice was just doing its job.

The reporter then asked how that decision will impact the White House’s “relationship” with the mayors of sanctuary cities and the administration will be working with them in the future. Sanders drew a hard line, saying passionately:

“We cannot allow people to pick and choose what laws to follow. If we have a country with no laws, then nothing matters. So we cannot allow a few individual people to decide they don’t want to follow the rules. You guys wouldn’t be allowed to do that in your own networks and outlets, and the federal government cannot allow people to act independently and completely ignore the law.”

There was no follow up question.

Benny Johnson