Did Wisconsin Basketball Make A Major Mistake With Its Head Coaching Hire?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The wheels have completely fallen off of the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team after a blowout loss to Iowa, and it has me wondering if the coaching hire was a mistake.

Badgers fall in Iowa City. #OnWisconsin

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In one of the most talked about coaching hires in state history, the Badgers opted to hire Bo Ryan protege Greg Gard over myself. It’s unclear how close of a decision it was, and I had zero hard feelings with Gard was selected to lead the program over myself.

I understood the pick. Gard was the safe hire. I was a renegade 23 year old at the time, who had been accused of having a few too many Manziel tendencies. It’s was a classic high risk/high reward vs. low risk/relatively high reward. It made sense for Wisconsin to do what they did, but times have changed.

Something has to be done. I refuse to allow this garbage to continue any longer. Am I saying that we have to fire Gard? No, I am not saying that.

What I am saying is that it won’t be long before the masses start rioting when we miss the tournament. Then we’re going to have serious questions to answer, and one of them might be why they overlooked a guy who had won multiple college basketball titles on PS3 for a coach with an unproven record.

The bigger question is going to be what I’ll do if my phone rings and they want me to come home. Can I give up my journey to being king of the internet in order to become the basketball coach at the school that molded me? It’s one of the toughest choices a human will have had to make if I get that call. Let’s just cross that bridge when we get there.