Bella Thorne Booted From Hotel Over Weed — Seems Like An Overreaction

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Actress Bella Thorne recently got tossed from her hotel at the Sundance film festival over marijuana, and that seems like it was a bit over the top.

Page Six reported the following:

Wild child Bella Thorne is wreaking havoc on the Sundance Film Festival — the former Disney child star’s entourage was kicked out of her hotel in Park City, Utah, for smoking pot.

A source tells us that Thorne and her entourage of four — including her boyfriend, long-haired stoner rapper Mod Sun — were removed from their room at the Park City Marriott after someone in the group was caught smoking marijuana.

I can’t believe that here we are, and I’m having to defend Bella Thorne. Are we really at the point of wussification in American society where actors and actresses are getting tossed out of hotels because somebody with them might have been smoking weed? Did we kick out rockstars because they raged? Hell no.

When I went mint blonde

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Whenever I go to a hotel, I’m there to rage. If I wanted to play things calm, then I wouldn’t be at a hotel. Now, I’m not endorsing any kind of substance abuse or anything of that nature. I’m simply asking why is anybody surprised that somebody in Bella Thorne’s entourage was allegedly smoking weed? It’s a film festival. There’s going to be drugs.

It’d be like if I got to a hotel for a football game, and then was informed that I couldn’t drink beer and all the bars were closed. It would make no sense.

What a wild world we’re living in. I honestly never thought I’d have to defend Thorne, but here we are. I guess we all have our own burdens to carry.

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