CNN Airs Segment Promoting Plus-Size Model Complaining About Racism [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Plus-size model Ashley Graham appeared in a CNN segment Wednesday where she complained about online comments about her weight and “racism in America.”


Graham told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about how some people left mean comments on the Sports Illustrated Instagram page after she was featured as a model.

“I went on Sports Illustrated Instagram, and it was men saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re ruining this magazine with this fat cow.’ It was women saying, ‘I work out all the time, and now you put this chick who has never even been to a gym in the magazine? Like, what am I in the gym for?’ But as the hours went on, and you start to read more comments, you see how people started defending me.”

Graham also used terms like “fat model” and “plus size” in air quotes, something Baldwin noted.

The model said, “I think labels are divisive to women. An example I use all the time is–we are not labeling men based off number inside of their pants, why are we labeling women based off the number inside of their pants? I don’t need to be known because of a plus-sized woman because of the size of my hips, yeah, they’re a size 47, and I’m proud of it, but it does not dictate or determine who I am and my worth.” (RELATED: America’s Favorite Chunky Supermodel Says She Owes Her Success To WHITE PRIVILEGE)

CNN’s Baldwin also asked Graham, “What’s your biggest fear right now?”

She replied, “Will there still be so much racism in America in the next ten years. I’m married to a man who’s black. My children will be black. Are they going to be continued to be looked as at just a black person? My hope is no.”

Baldwin also asked, “Where are you most hopeful in America?”

“I’ve never seen more women band together. I’ve never seen women of more classes, races, and ages say, you know what sister, I got you, and I’m going to bring you up today,” she said.

“I love you, Ashley Graham,” Baldwin said.

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