Cuomo Likens Strzok To ‘A Field Guy’ — He Oversaw Flynn’s Investigation

Julia Nista | General Assignment Reporter

Chris Cuomo attempted to downplay Peter Srzok and Lisa Page’s roles in the FBI when discussing their text message revelation scandal Thursday on CNN, labeling Strzok as simply “a regular field guy who was in a management capacity” when in fact his role was much larger and more important.


“We’re not talking about the line agents out there doing their jobs every single day out in the field,” said Sarah Isgur, director of public affairs at the Department of Justice.

“But aren’t those the same people we’re talking about? That’s what Strzok was, right? He’s a regular field guy who is in a management capacity who was doing the job and is now under scrutiny for whether or not his politics went in front of his duty,” commented Cuomo.

“I’m not going to talk about individual personnel at the FBI right now,” responded Isgur Flores.

Strzok’s and Page’s positions were much higher than “a regular field guy who is in a management capacity.” Lisa Page was a prominent FBI lawyer, and Peter Strzok was the second ranking intelligence official at the FBI, who oversaw the investigation into former Trump adviser Michael Flynn. (RELATED: TheDC Newsroom: Everything You Need To Know About The FBI Texting Scandal [VIDEO])

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