A Certain ‘Overrated’ Actress Is Joining One Of The Most Overrated Shows On Television

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One of the “most overrated actresses in Hollywood” is about to join one of its most overrated shows.

HBO announced that Meryl Streep will be joining the cast of “Big Little Lies” for the shows upcoming second season. (RELATED: Meryl Streep Once Referred To Harvey Weinstein As ‘God’)

Streep, of course, is one of the most decorated actresses in the business, although a certain someone doesn’t believe she’s deserving. “Big Little Lies” has also racked up a handful awards, although it’s quite possibly one of the worst shows to ever air on HBO. (RELATED: All The Times Meryl Streep Was Overrated In Trump’s Eyes)

It’s not often I don’t follow through with a show once I start, but “Big Little Lies” was one of the few I just could not bring myself to keep watching. As HBO describes it, the “darkly comedic series tells the tale of three mothers whose seemingly perfect lives unravel to the point of murder.” While that might sound slightly intriguing, the amount of drama that goes on to lead up to that unraveling is unbearable.

If parent-teacher conferences and dinner parties with people you don’t actually enjoy the company of are the types of things that get you going, “Big Little Lies” is the show for you. If not, let me save you some time. Better yet let Reese Witherspoon, who stars in the show, save you some time. (SLIDESHOW: The Hottest Celebrities Over The Age Of 40)

“Beyond thrilled to have the one, the only, Meryl Streep joining the cast of #BLL for season 2. Get ready for more wine, secrets, and Big Little Lies,” Witherspoon tweeted after Wednesday’s announcement. “Monterey better watch out!!!”

The cast of the HBO series is loaded with incredible actresses who do phenomenal job in their respective roles. And it’s no surprise why Hollywood is eating it up, seeing as the show is led by women and presents a message of women’s empowerment. However, the show itself is overrated. Wine, secrets and big little lies is about all you’re going to get. Unless you can make it through all the drama and hang on long enough to get to the action.