HUH? Left-Wing Lawyer Acts Crazy On CNN Panel, Then Sends Offensive Tweet About Black People [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Elizabeth Beck, a lawyer and head of a progressive Super PAC, is having a really weird day.

Beck appeared on a CNN panel Friday and while another guest was speaking, she said, “Why are you subjecting me to this?”


“Sorry, I just heard a voice in my ear,” Walter Shaub, a fellow panelist, said.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin replied, “I did, too. Whose voice was that? Was that you, Elizabeth? No. Okay. Sorry, I don’t know what’s going–keep going, Walter, go ahead.”

Shaub then continued with his point.

Beck, who is a graduate of Yale Law School and describes herself as a “hard-nosed litigator with a track record of significant victories for her client,” began tweeting after the TV appearance.

She also tweeted about CNN “armchair shills.”

She also tweeted about black people, writing:

Archive link here.

She also puzzlingly accused people of forgetting 9/11:

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