Check Out The First ‘I’m Going To Disney World’ Super Bowl Ad From 1987

Disney World Joe Raedle/Getty Images

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted out Friday a video of Chris Sims in 1987 uttering the words “I’m going to Disney World,” which has become the de facto post-Super Bowl tradition for players from the winning team.

“This Week In 1987: The “I’m Going to Disney World” spot is filmed for the first time, as Phil Simms utters the line after Giants win Super Bowl XXI. Simms gets $50K + paid Disney vacation for his family,” Rovell explained.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really understood why this is said or why it’s so important. I get that there’s some money involved, but $50,000 is chump change for a sports star. It’s the same as me throwing a $20 bill into the trash.

You can bet the house that I’m saying something way cooler if I’m the Super Bowl MVP, and I won’t be doing it for anything less than mid-six figures. Imagine the reaction if an MVP quarterback looked into the camera and said, “I’m about to go shotgun six Miller Lights and then hit up the club.”

That’d be way more alpha, and as the future owner of Miller Light, I would pay that player way more than $50,000. I understand that the NFL is supposed to be a family program and such, but give me a break. Nobody is thinking about Disney World after winning the game, and we’re not dumb enough to believe that he they are.

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