This Dual-Use Vaporizer Gives You That Quick Moment Of Relaxation You Need


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Say hello to the most accessible vape experience you’ve ever had: the Hera 2 vaporizer. This super easy-to-use, dual-use vaporizer seamlessly switches between Herbal & Extract modes at the touch of a button. The ceramic and stainless-steel hybrid dual-chamber produces a thick, milky vapor in every vape session. So you know every vape experience you’ll have will be that moment of relaxation you need during a busy workday.

But don’t worry about bulkiness. The Hera 2 is designed to fit right into your back pocket. With its state-of-the-art technology, the Hera 2 commits itself to ensuring you have a perfect vape experience with every puff. Towards the end of its battery life, a prompt LED progress light will alert you when it’s time to recharge. And with its 90-minute working session, the Hera 2 ensures that any vape session will be peaceful and relaxing so you can escape a moment of chaos.

Normally $250, this dual-use vaporizer is 48 percent off

Normally $250, this dual-use vaporizer is 48 percent off

Hera 2: World’s Most Advanced Dual-Use Vaporizer on sale for $129

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