Watch Jerry Jones Deliver An Oscar-Worthy Performance Saying He Doesn’t Know The Eagles’ QBs

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Jerry Jones is a man that wears many hats. He’s the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, a billionaire oil tycoon, a real ladies man, and the shadow commissioner of the NFL. He’s apparently an actor now, too.

Jones was at the Senior Bowl this week when he was asked by several reporters what he thought about the Eagles. You know, the team in the same conference that absolutely embarrassed the Cowboys in the regular season when it mattered most (37-9).

So when the media gaggle asked him about his thoughts on the Eagles’ shot at the Super Bowl this year, Jones put on an Oscar-worthy performance.

“I’m just impressed with how they’ve overcome, addressed injuries,” he said passive aggressively. “You can’t do what I do and not understand the challenge it is to adjust and come up with a different way to use personnel and win the games. They did it, and that’s their story, and it’s worthy of recognition.”

He went on to commend “their young quarterback,” better known as MVP hopeful Carson Wentz. He then botched Nick Foles’ name, who is literally taking the Eagles to the Super Bowl.

“They put a group of guys together and were inspired and had a great record while they had their young quarterback. Then he turns around — what’s-his-name? Kolb? Folk.”

Uh, that would be Foles. Nick Foles. As in the guy on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week.

What an embarrassment for the people of Dallas. I mean really, it’s a shame that the owner of the home team botched an acting job so poorly. Maybe if he didn’t try to sell it so hard we’d believe him.

“You can’t do what I do and not understand the challenge”? Come on, guy. Your team went 9-7 this year. It’s not like you have the magic touch.

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