KFC Names Its First Ever Female Colonel Sanders

(Photo credit: screenshot/YouTube KFC)

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Kentucky Fried Chicken has selected a woman as the face of the brand for the first time in the company’s history, but they want everyone to know that nothing’s changed.

Colonel Sanders has always been played by a male, but KFC has picked country music star Reba McEntire to play the role in a series of commercials for the fried chicken company, Page Six reports.

The commercials will begin running on television as soon as next week, but KFC released one of them on Thursday to give everyone a glimpse of what’s to come. In it, the Colonel is performing a musical number in front of a packed saloon.

“I’m Colonel Sanders, same as always. Absolutely nothing’s changed. Oh please ignore a likeness to famous country singers, I’m definitely not a woman,” the country music star sings.

McEntire was thrilled when KFC approached her for the gig, according to The Associated Press.

“I said ‘Holy smokes!’,” McEntire said of her reaction. “KFC has been a part of my life forever.”

Of course, she didn’t hesitate to dress up in the Colonel’s traditional white suit either, although they added a little glittery shine to give it a “country music flair” for the singer.

“I thought the transformation was really funny,” McEntire added. “I got a big kick out of it.”

KFC plans to run ads with the country star through April.