Steven Seagal Accuser Claims He Raped Her [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Regina Simons, one of the women who have accused Steven Seagal of sexual misconduct allegations, claimed the actor raped her during their encounter in 1993, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The comments came during her interview on “Megyn Kelly Today” Friday when she spoke about what she said happened the day she met the actor at his home in the 90s. Simons was 18 years old and Seagal was in his 40s and married at the time when she said she was invited to his place for a wrap party after appearing as an extra in one of his movies.

“He let me in through the gate and he was standing at the doorway. Immediately I asked him where everyone else was for this wrap party and he said that everyone had left and he said he wanted to show me something,” Simons shared, adding the place he took her to looked like some kind of “bedroom.”

“Then [he] closed the door and tried to kiss me and took my clothes off and, before I knew it, he was on top of me and I couldn’t move,” she added. “I just completely froze and even felt like I left my body.”

Simons said time seemed to pass quickly and she just remembered staring at a picture of a woman who was in “Weird Science” which she later recognized as Kelly LeBrock, Seagal’s wife at the time.

“I remember just staring at that picture and wanting him to stop,” Simons explained. “I know what consent is and that definitely was not consensual. There was no asking me if this was okay. It just was very predatory, very aggressive and traumatizing.”

The once-aspiring actress said she has reported the alleged assault to the Los Angeles Police Department who then referred the case to the Beverly Hills Police Department. Authorities confirmed to the outlet that an investigation was opened into a sexual assault allegations against Seagal, but did not say anything further.

“For me I know this type of behavior and abuse continues in silence which is why I came forward,” Simons shared. “To call out my abuser and let him know that this is not okay and hopefully there could be some change in there … Let abusers know that this is not okay.”