TheDC’s Greer On Fox Business: Americans Want Politics-Free Sports [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Daily Caller deputy editor Scott Greer argued on Fox Business Friday that Americans want politics-free football.


“I think there’s a strong desire among Americans to have that kind of [politics-free] sport,” Greer said, continuing, “It’s not just the NFL. The NBA also has several players who make social justice statements such as LeBron James. Nearly every week he’s criticizing President Trump. And a lot of people when they watch sports, they just want to sit back, have a beer and enjoy sports.” (RELATED: Thursday Night’s NFL Game Looked Like A Ghost Town)

The Daily Caller editor continued, “They don’t want politics, they just want to sit back, relax and watch the game. And that’s what Vince McMahon understands. He has a very tough challenge competing against the NFL and the already-crowded field of sports right now, but just promising a politics-free sport where everyone stands for the anthem and we ban everyone with criminal convictions, you know, I think a lot of Americans would like that, and he sees a market opportunity right now.” (RELATED: Trump Wants All NFL Kneelers To See This Photo)

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