Get the Luxury Of A Bidet And Save Over 80 Percent

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Ever want the bathroom luxury of a bidet but don’t want to burn a huge hole in your pocket? Don’t sacrifice your cleanliness anymore because today there’s the BioBidet A3 Self-Cleaning Bidet Attachment.

This eco-friendly, non-electric bidet is the perfect toilet attachment to get all those “hard-to-reach” places, and it installs in just minutes. This full-service bidet delivers an ambient temperature wash and fits a wide variety of toilets. With a control panel that features easy-to-use service buttons, you’ll have the BioBidet running the day you get it home. And with no battery or electricity required, you’ll never have to worry about it running out of power. It simply runs on the water pressure from your water line.

Stop leaving the bathroom with a mediocre clean-up and get the luxury bathroom experience you deserve with the wonderfully affordable BioBidet A3 Self-Cleaning Bidet Attachment.

Normally $200, this bidet is 84 percent off

Normally $200, this bidet is 84 percent off

BioBidet A3 Self-Cleaning Bidet Attachment on sale for $29.99