Scott Baio Denies Sexual Assault Allegations By Former Co-Star

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Scott Baio strongly denied claims on Saturday that he molested his former “Charles in Charge” co-star Nicole Eggert when she was a minor following her now deleted tweets, according to Fox News.

“I’m here today to talk about some allegations that have been made against me that aren’t true by somebody named Nicole Eggert,” the 57-year-old actor explained in a video posted on YouTube. “The reason I’m doing Facebook Live is because nobody can edit me, nobody can change what I said. These are my words. And what I’m telling you is the truth.”

“So, I’m going to knock down all these false claims against me. My reputation is being damaged. My family is being put through this and I’m done. I’m done,” he added. “So, I’m going to walk you through this methodically and hopefully succinctly and please be patient because what I’m being accused of is horrible. I’m being accused of inappropriately touching her when she was a minor, and having sex with her when she was a minor….”

In the now deleted tweets captured by the New York Post and E! News, Eggert claimed that Baio repeatedly molested her from the age of 14 to 17 years old.

“Ask @scottbaio what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor. Creep,” Eggert reportedly tweeted. “A molested child is irrelevent? That is what u r saying? I was 14,15,16 and 17.”

The “Happy Days” star shared in the video that Eggert first made the molestation claims in 2012. In November 2017, she floated the allegations once again, this time on Twitter. Baio’s legal team told her if she had a real claim to go to the police. He said she “chose not too” and instead went to social media with the claims.

He also said that his former co-star was recently asked to come on the Dr. Oz show to talk about the allegations, and after the show was contacted by Baio’s legal team her appearance was cancelled.

Baio did admit that when Eggert was 18 years old they did have a consensual sexual relationship and that she “seduced him.”

“Charles in Charge” ran from 1984-1990, and Baio played a college student who worked as a live-in housekeeper and took care of  family with three kids.

Update: Prosecutors decided not to press charges and dropped the case.