VIDEO: Brees Boys Steal Show With Sideline Antics At Pro Bowl

Drew Brees (Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports - via Reuters)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his sons were being interviewed on the sideline Sunday in Orlando, Florida, for the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl, when two of his boys started an epic brawl.

During the live ESPN interview, Baylen Brees was trying to talk about what has been the coolest part of the week being at the Pro Bowl with his dad, recounting getting to help with running back drills and handing out water.

“We’re helping with practice and trying to make the guys better at running,” the younger Brees shared.

But the entire time he was talking, the QB’s other two boys were battling non-stop in the background. Check it out.

The reporter even joked that Brees had said his boys, Callen and Bowen, needed to keep their hands to themselves and that they “fight constantly.” But that didn’t stop the brawling which eventually rolled out onto the field. Baylen then stepped in and knocked one of the brothers down in probably the hardest hit of the day.

“That’s pretty much the way it is all the time. And he’s about to get in big trouble for getting on the field,” Brees explained. “So here we go.”