Dem. Congresswoman Is Completely Clueless About Clinton Staffer Sexual Harassment Allegations [VIDEO]

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter

Rep. Frederica Wilson was caught completely off guard Monday on CNN’s New Day when host Poppy Harlow asked what Hillary Clinton should have done about alleged sexual harasser and Clinton campaign staffer Burns Strider.


“On that front, while I have you, I want you to weigh in on how Hillary Clinton chose to act during the 2008 presidential campaign,” Harlow posed. “At the time, two of her top advisers the Times reports told her, ‘You gotta let this guy go,’ she saw it differently, she didn’t. Fast forward five years, he goes on to run Correct the Record in support of Hillary Clinton, does something similar allegedly to another young female staffer, then gets fired. Was her response in 2008 appropriate? Do you believe she should have said, “OK, advisers I trust you, this guy is out of my team.”

“Well that’s a lot, I think so,” responded Wilson, totally unaware of the news. “Are you sure Hillary Clinton was aware of all of that? Those are not good decisions by her staff,”

“She said she was aware,” responded Harlow.

“She said she was aware of it. She was, in her words, ‘dismayed at the time,’ this is the New York Times breaking this reporting according to multiple sources, and yes over the weekend she did not deny it. She said she called the woman up recently, was glad the woman was heard, but she did not apologize for not firing this man. Should she have?” asked Harlow.

“On the spot,” responded Wilson.

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