Blue Check Marks Go Nuts Because Ed Sheeran Won A Grammy Over Kesha

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Blue check mark Twitter is angry that Ed Sheeran won a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance because he is a white male.

Sheeran was the only male nominated in the category for his song “Shape of You,” and some Twitter users claimed that he only won because the Grammys are sexist.

“The only man nominated with four powerhouse women,” singer and actor Jason Dottley wrote. “And he won for a song in which he used a melody without consent and that melody happened to also be written 2 women.”

Others were angry that Sheeran specifically beat Kesha, who wrote her nominated song “Praying” about her alleged rape by her former producer Dr. Luke.

Kesha’s performance of “Praying” was pegged as the Grammys’ “#MeToo moment,” but people claimed the Grammys’ gesture was empty since they snubbed her for the award in favor of Sheeran.

“The Kesha performance was so powerful but y’all still gave Ed Sheeran the award and Dr. Luke still gets to work in the industry so don’t pat yourself on the back too hard, Grammys,” Madison Hartman, a social editor for Complex, wrote.

“Like, is time REALLY up, because Ed Sheeran just won over Kesha,” a senior news producer for Genius said, referencing the “Time’s Up” movement against sexual harassment.

Comedian Phillip Henry argued that Sheeran is proof of “white privilege.”

“When people say white privilege doesn’t exist I just show them pictures of Ed Sheeran,” he tweeted. “His gene pool is shallow like a dinner plate and LOOK at his success.”

“Ed Sheeran is a mediocre white man,” author Jenny Trout echoed.

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