Lara Trump: Instead Of The Wolff Book, Why Doesn’t Hillary Read Her 33,000 Missing Emails? [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Trump for President senior advisor Lara Trump poked at Hillary Clinton on Fox News Monday, asking why, instead of reading portions of Michael Wolff’s “Fire And Fury” at awards shows, the failed presidential candidate doesn’t read her 33,000 deleted emails live on television.


“I want to talk about something that came up at the Grammy’s last night,” first posed Fox News’ Harris Faulkner. “Hillary Clinton reading from the tell-all book ‘Fire and Fury’ looked a little out of place, maybe a little thirsty. Some who were watching with me at my place said, ‘What was that about?’ What were your thoughts as you saw her?'”

“I would use ‘tell-all book’ very loosely, it’s a ridiculous book. I find it so despicable,” Eric Trump’s better half responded. “So sad that Hillary Clinton feels she needs to validate herself, put herself back out there by doing something this ridiculous.” (RELATED: President Trump: ‘The World Has Taken Advantage Of Us On Trade’–‘We’re Stopping It Cold’ [VIDEO])

“If she wants to read something, maybe we can all read the 33,000 missing e-mails that she has somewhere that no one has heard about for a long time. It was just really disgusting, I thought.” (RELATED: Trump Honors Civil Rights Heroes In Heartwarming Speech [VIDEO])

Last night at the Grammy’s, Clinton read passages from Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, a book written by Michael Wolff on the Trump White House.

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