Liberals Livid With New York Times For Pro-Stephen Miller Opinion Piece

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Liberals are angry at The New York Times again because the newspaper published a pro-Stephen Miller opinion piece on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Ross Douthat wrote an opinion piece for NYT on Saturday arguing that liberals should negotiate immigration policy with White House policy adviser Stephen Miller.

Miller is Jewish, but liberals claimed it was insensitive for the NYT to publish a pro-Miller piece on Holocaust Memorial Day because of his tough stances on immigration.

“F*** you @nytimes for publishing this article… from those in my family whose voices were silenced during the Holocaust,” Nadine Vander Velde tweeted.

“NYT is now a white supremacist paper,” Sarah Kendzior, an opinion writer for The Globe and Mail said. “The multiple Nazi puff pieces, constant pro-Trump PR, and praise for Miller on today of all days is not exceptional — it’s the guiding ideology of the paper.”

“If you have a conscience, and you value truth, cancel the NYT,” she continued.

“If I didn’t need my times subscription for work, I’d cancel that shit,” another writer said.

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