CNN Commentator: It’s ‘Really Scary’ That Trump Will Make ‘Eye-Opening Comments’ In SOTU [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN’s Maria Cardona said Tuesday it was “really scary” to hear that President Trump would be making “eye-opening” comments during his State of the Union speech.


“It’s interesting, because for me when the White House says expect some eye-opening comments, I’m sorry, that is really scary,” Cardona said.

“Because, before when he’s had some major aggressive comments, they didn’t give us a heads up. They’re giving us a heads up on eye-opening comments? And this is in a year where we are as close to nuclear war as we have been in a generation.” (RELATED: Trump Released His Full List Of State Of The Union Guests — Folks Are Cheering One Name In Particular)

“So, for that to be a strong America, I think a lot of people would disagree. And just one other thing on China. Economically, the world does not think we have the cards on China, because China has now beat us in terms of global leadership. We are being beat by China, and being beat by Germany.” (RELATED: CNN Panelist: Christians Made A ‘Deal With The DEVIL’ By Supporting ‘Political Crack’ Peddling Trump [VIDEO])

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