A Humidifier Is A Must-Have To Get Through The Rest Of Winter

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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With how cold it’s been this winter, I’ve needed to sleep with a space heater on in my bedroom. Of course, while that solves the frigidity problem, it also makes the air uncomfortably dry. I can now fall asleep, but I wake up feeling stuffed up and miserable. Of course, there is an answer to this problem (first suggested to me by my roommate, it turns out): a humidifier.

Humidifiers are especially crucial during the winter dry period. They help with your everyday breathing and also assist in your sleeping. And, as an added bonus, cool mist humidifiers dispense vapor that will not only help your lungs but also your skincare.

Today only, this cool mist humidifier is on sale. That makes it the perfect time to get one before the upcoming return of the polar vortex.

Normally $40, this humidifier is 25 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $40, this humidifier is 25 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Avalon Premium Cool Mist Humidifier With Aromatherapy Essential Oil Drop Diffuser, With 7 Adjustable LED Lights, Ultrasonic Pure Silent Technology, Filter on sale for $29.99

This humidifier features 7 different color-changing LED lights. It lasts up to 10 hours and will automatically shut off when necessary.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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